La Mala Educación

La Mala Educación is an artists representation agency with offices in Madrid and Paris. Our accomplished photographers shoot specialized fashion lifestyle, beauty, and travel photography.  We provide creative services to clients with an aesthetic resonance, including advertising agencies all over the world, editorial magazines and amazing avant garde brands. We have over 5 years of experience working in the fashion and editorial industry.  Our roster envisions a curated selection of artist whom evoke "La Mala Educación's" perception of work, taste, creativity, ethics, sensations and art.   We provide guidance to our artists, handle editorial projects and advertising commissions as  well as one-offs exhibitions and personal projects.

Sophie Calder

Founder of the agency, raised and born in Madrid, Spain. Graduated from Saint Martins in London where she lived for 10 years. Master mind of creatives all over the world and a passionated PETA supporter. 

David Brandelet 

Directeur de Création. Originally from Barcelona, Spain. Created the agency with Sophie while they were both in school in London. Aesthetic individual with the sharpers humor. 

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